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Wellbeing – Still learning

by alex, added 6 months ago

We are now into the second year of our Wellbeing strategy here at MET and we are continually learning, normally from the mistakes we make! With initiatives, as a business owner, there is always the worry of sometimes doing too much and often, not enough.

To put all business into the same pot when it comes to Wellbeing strategy is, I believe, not proving useful in the discussion. Whilst we can learn off big blue-chip business and take some guidance, the solutions that suit a business of this size and a regional recruiter like ourselves of 10 people has to, logically, be different.

One of our core values at MET Marketing is ‘The Wellbeing of Everyone Matters’ and we have been working towards this for the last 18 months. Whilst it’s a firm belief held, we feel like it’s important to honestly ask ourselves, how are we doing in terms of putting this strategy into action?

In my opinion, I would say the jury is out and we could do better:

–         We have lost more staff than we would like

–         We don’t have ‘KPI’ measures around Wellbeing

–         Wellbeing is not included in employee reviews

–         Feels very surface at times

–         Has not necessarily lead to greater productivity

The final point above in all of this is key. Businesses are not nurturing these types of environments to, in the crudest sense, generate less revenue or returns. It is about the company developing a Wellbeing environment and flexibility to ensure individuals are happier/content and in return are more productive.

When CSR started to become a focus around 15 years ago there was the knee jerk reaction to rush to roll out initiatives before it all calmed down and actually became engrained in a company culture. Where Wellbeing is concerned, we are definitely in the exponential phase!

So as a small business, what do we do to support our employees when it comes to promoting Wellbeing?

–         Flexible start and finish times

–         Part-time hours on returning to work after maternity

–         Healthcare for all staff

–         Massage once a month

–         Activity based socials, not just drinking

–         New office with two break out areas to get away from desks

–         Music in the office

–         Enhanced holidays

–         Birthday off

–         Charity of the year to give back to & be involved in

The above is a good step forward, although we’re aware that there are lots more that we could be doing. That’s why we’re supporting Leeds Wellbeing Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the initiatives that companies can implement to support workplace wellbeing, with a range of different events and workshops to help. We’ll be attending as many events as possible to educate ourselves and to see what we can implement at MET, whilst carrying out our own wellbeing events too. We’re opening up our normal monthly massages on Thursday to the other residents of 12 Greek Street, along with inviting Eleanor Snare into the office tomorrow to speak to the team about mental health and the creative industries.

We’re hoping to build upon our core values further, to ensure that actions really do speak louder than words.

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