How to progress your career in Client Services

MET - How to progress in client services-min

Working in Client Services is great if you’re a people person and have a passion for helping others. But what does it take to become an effective Account Manager? Whether you’re an aspiring Account Manager looking to move up the career ladder or want to become more effective in your current AM role, our new […]

Meet the Consultant: Emma Healy

Emma Healy - MET Marketing Recruitment

In this week’s “Meet the Consultant” we chat with Emma Healy. Emma has been a key member of the MET team for over two years and in this catch up we discover how she ‘built’ on a successful sales career to make her way into the recruitment sector. Emma also shares her recommendations for where to go for […]

Meet the consultant: Ed Sutcliffe

Over the last few weeks, we have been interviewing some of our recruitment consultants to give you a little more background on the people that make up MET. This week we have been speaking to one of MET’s three director’s, Ed Sutcliffe. Read on to discover more about Ed’s background, in particular, insight into his […]

Meet the Consultant: Ross Calbraith

Following on from our interview with Lisa last week, this week it is the turn of Ross Calbraith, one of our own newest recruits.   In this interview, Ross explains his strategy on finding people their dream role, while telling us a little bit more about himself and his background, in particular, the best place to go […]

Meet the Consultant: Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown - MET Marketing Recruitment

Usually, it’s the recruiters grilling candidates or clients, so we thought it was about time we shared with the world a little more about the people behind MET Marketing. For the first of our “Meet the Consultant” blogs, we sat down with Lisa Brown, who has been with MET Marketing for over four years and […]

Top 10 Tips to Prepare for a Marketing Interview


Got a marketing interview lined up? Competition in this sector can be fierce so writing a great CV and covering letter will only get you so far; your ultimate success lies with your performance at the interview. If you’re wondering how you can stand out from the crowd, we’ve got some top tips to help […]


Asking the right questions in an interview can be one of the biggest hurdles for a junior candidate, yet it’s the perfect opportunity to sell yourself and learn more about a potential employer. These top tips, created by one of our recent junior placements, will help you stand out and impress your interviewer with carefully […]

How to make yourself stand out in a job search

In the new year, thousands of students from across the nation will be embarking on their final semester. Their long-awaited graduation ceremonies are in sight and they will soon be left with the daunting task of finally putting three years of hard work into practice. But after the degree certificates have been collected and the […]

Why a candidate might turn down your offer…

A good interview isn’t just down to the candidate, the hiring manager also needs to conduct a good interview that would make the candidate accept the role. Below are a few interview red flags that could leave someone saying, “Thanks, but no thanks” to your job offer.   Negativity   Everyone has a bad day, […]

Conquering The 50 Most Common Interview Questions

The cold hard truth of the matter is that any job worth having is going to be highly sought after in the current market place. In this article we will discover what the 50 most common interview questions are and offer advice on the best strategies for preparing and delivering a first-rate interview.


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