Meet the Consultant: Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown - MET Marketing Recruitment

Usually, it’s the recruiters grilling candidates or clients, so we thought it was about time we shared with the world a little more about the people behind MET Marketing. For the first of our “Meet the Consultant” blogs, we sat down with Lisa Brown, who has been with MET Marketing for over four years and […]

How to utilise social media in a job search

Utilise Social Media

It’s not a secret that most companies and recruitment agencies share their job vacancies on social media… Social media provides a quick and sometimes free way for companies to advertise job vacancies, which means it is vital that you put yourself in a position where you can take full advantage of this!! Twitter and LinkedIn […]

Top 10 most awkward office moments revealed

We’ve all had our fair share of embarrassing office moments, and a survey conducted by The British Heart Foundation reveals the top ten most awkward ones. The BHF have interviewed over 2,000 UK employees to define those office mishaps which have left people cringing. Spilling something down your clothes before an important meeting and accidentally […]

Why a candidate might turn down your offer…

A good interview isn’t just down to the candidate, the hiring manager also needs to conduct a good interview that would make the candidate accept the role. Below are a few interview red flags that could leave someone saying, “Thanks, but no thanks” to your job offer.   Negativity   Everyone has a bad day, […]

Costly Recruiting Mistakes

Recruiting top quality people to your business is a challenging task and one made even harder by the current ultra-competitive nature of the market, whereby candidates are king. If you are going to find and recruit the best you will have to overcome several potential banana skins…

The 5 Fundamentals of Online Reputation Management

The perks of using social media for a job seeker include finding and researching job opportunities (including those that are not advertised through standard practices such as on the company’s website and or job boards), showing potential employers and recruiters that you’re a well-connected and proactive networker, as well as a professional with passion and expertise in the field in which they work/ wish to work.

Positioning yourself correctly across the social platforms is essential and there are several areas of one’s online ‘footprint’ which require frequent maintenance and management. These include…

Asking for a raise at work? Be prepared…

No matter how you go about it, the thought of asking for a raise can make you chillingly anxious. What if you are rejected? Will it leave you in a worse position the next time your annual salary review comes around? What if your boss takes a disliking to your request and you suffer career wise from it?

Here is my advice from over 10 years in the industry both as an employee asking for a raise and a director dealing with salary increase requests.

MET Marketing Breakfast Seminar: #thesocialsituation

This morning (Tuesday 24th February) MET Marketing hosted our first event for HR professionals in the Yorkshire area. Focusing primarily on employment law concerning social media…


In today’s highly-competitive business environment whereby employees are king, it is not enough to simply wave an attractive job package in front of a candidate and obtain a highly engaged, motivated and driven employee for 5-10 years. This is when your duty as a leader to motivate and engage your new employee begins.

Social Media – HR’s Worst Nightmare

MET Marketing are hosting a free breakfast seminar presented by Neil Wilson, a leading Yorkshire Employment Law Solicitor and the managing partner of Chadwick Lawrence on February 24th from 07:30 – 09:00am


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