How to utilise social media in a job search

Utilise Social Media

It’s not a secret that most companies and recruitment agencies share their job vacancies on social media… Social media provides a quick and sometimes free way for companies to advertise job vacancies, which means it is vital that you put yourself in a position where you can take full advantage of this!! Twitter and LinkedIn […]

How to make yourself stand out in a job search

In the new year, thousands of students from across the nation will be embarking on their final semester. Their long-awaited graduation ceremonies are in sight and they will soon be left with the daunting task of finally putting three years of hard work into practice. But after the degree certificates have been collected and the […]

Why a candidate might turn down your offer…

A good interview isn’t just down to the candidate, the hiring manager also needs to conduct a good interview that would make the candidate accept the role. Below are a few interview red flags that could leave someone saying, “Thanks, but no thanks” to your job offer.   Negativity   Everyone has a bad day, […]

Top 10 CV Tips

When it comes to writing a CV everyone has their own opinion as to what’s best. We’re not saying that this will work every time and actually we’d usually suggest tailoring a CV to the role that you are applying for, but based on the 25 years+ experience we have of reviewing CVs and discussing with clients […]


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