Men’s Health Week: Why movement and massage can help your health.

On Monday, we introduced you to Hannah Burke, a trained sports massage therapist and our resident masseuse who visits the MET office once a month to iron out the team’s aches and pains.

Following an injury sustained during my professional dance training, Hannah identified that sports therapy treatments seemed to be the only therapy that her body responded to. Knowing how beneficial this type of therapy was for herself; she decided to train as a therapist, to help other people in similar situations. Alongside running Aspire Sports Therapy which is based at The Gym in The Core, Hannah also works with a Yorkshire Two rugby union team as their resident sports therapist and pitchside first aider and for Official Sports Services with whom she has treated international rugby league teams travelling to the UK; including the Australian rugby league team in their winning Four Nations 2016 competition. My work with OSS also includes regular match days with the RFL match officials.

In support of Men’s Health Week, Hannah has shared some insight into what movement we should undertake during the day to minimise the stress and strain we put our bodies through as we sit at desks, bend our necks to look at our phones and slouch on sofas as we catch up on the latest Netflix series.

Click below to watch Hannah’s recommendations…

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